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Nationally Renowned Brow Stylist Que Alexander possesses a talent for enhancing beauty and eye for quality. She began by training under Anastasia of Beverly Hills. During that time, she learned the importance of eyebrows and how, when professionally groomed, they can give a greatly desired younger appearance. This amplifies ones' self esteem and can ultimately improves the overall quality of life. 


Servicing Indiana’s Elite, Que has become a coveted Master Brow Specialist and sought after all over the Midwest. She accompanied this status by providing cutting edge services, quality products, and a genuine concern for her clients.


In 2010, Que Alexander ventured to open one of her many endeavors, “Que Alexander Brows”, an execlusive eyebrow restoration center and permanent makeup spa. 


In recent years, Que has traveled the US, receiving top training in the new trends of micro-pigmentation. After mastering these evolutionary techniques and expanding her menu of services, Que has a new passion of spreading her knowledge to enthusiastic colleagues in the ever-changing field. Now, she invites you to Get Que’d Up!

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